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5/2, 3, 4/2017

5/2/17         Kate L. McLaughlin         Mommy I'm Still In Here [rebroadcast]

5/3/17 Mary      Anne       Radmacher   [rebroadcast]

5/3/17 Ruth Frances Hoskins Dream Moments  [rebroadcast]

8:00 PM ET  

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Tuesday : 5/2/17

Kate L. McLaughlin

author of

Mommy I'm Still In Here

 8:00 : PM ET

Wednesdays & Thursdays are Rebroadcasts:  

    5/3/17                      Mary Anne Radmacher,          author of,                 Lean Forward Into Your Life              



 5/4/17                       Ruth Frances Hoskins, author of,              Dream Moments









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Eye photo used with artist's permission. (Jacob Windham—2005)

Parthenia Izzard...Listening and Providing Solutions
Eye Photo - Alternative Medicine Therapies - Iridology, Kinesiology, Nutritional Therapy, Energy medicine, Reflexology, Meditation, Psychological Consultations

We listen to your concerns about the unexplained aches and pains and the symptoms that doctors cannot identify or explain. We understand that you are     tired   of taking synthetic medicines that cause you more suffering than the reason causing you to take them.



Why passively exist with backaches, allergies, PMS, colds, flu, and other ailments? Take charge of your life with preventive   measures. Let us guide you toward finding the cause of your problem     and what will correct it.

We offer a holistic approach to preventive care. Do not let anyone     else tell you that your situation is hopeless!

Through iridology, kinesiology, reflexology, energy medicine (which includes Chi Light therapy), psychological consultations  (remote or in person and utilizing Bach Floral Essence Remedies,   which are similar to homeopathic products), meditation, online psychosocial coaching, and nutrition, we can find a comprehensive solution.

At Alternative Medicine Therapies, we employ techniques that      add   to the quality of your life. We will examine your iris and its        different segments as they correspond to different organs and systems     in the body. Let us aid you in correcting your nutritional behavior so that    you begin to feel better. We can work with you without painfully poking, prodding, sticking, and removing anything from your body.

Parthenia S. Izzard, Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner [CNHP], Psychologist
Wellness, Wholeness, and Wisdom


Testimonials And Reviews

Speaking Engagement Requests Call 866.472.6094

If you are looking for a speaker to discuss alternative medicine in general or any alternative medicine therapy [iridology, kinesiology, acupressure, meditation, nutrition, energy medicine, psychosocial coaching], contact Psychologist and CNHP Parthenia Izzard. Call 866.472.6094 or send an email to consult@amtherapies.com to make arrangements.


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Join us live onBlogTalkRadio      on the internet, every      Tuesday evening at 8:00 PM Eastern Time [archived within minutes]; check radio page; special program rebroadcasts and open forums on  Wednesdays & Thursdays at   8:00 PM ET. We present a new   guest each week who is a representative from the world of alternative medicine therapies,    related products and issues. These programs should lead you to a healthier way of life.

To Call Into The Show Call 619.789.6835

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  John Izzard Jr. We support the John Izzard Athleticism, Service & Achievement Award. This award is presented to high school junior rowing atheletes. www.JohnIzzardAward.com Committee@JohnIzzardAwardcom

Giving Back Through Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor is a resource for those wanting to make  alternative medicine a part of their mental health       treatment. They also offer contact, research, event, support, and testimonial information for seekers of same.

Be a part of the Bala Cynwyd Chapter of Safe Harbor by        calling 610.658.0135. Leave your name and number so you     can be contacted. Click the link below for resource     information.

Safe Harbor


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